Gone are the old days of Nintendo gaming and cassettes for highly pixelated mortal kombat games. iPhones with retina display, having graphics so good that reality merges in with the games are in.  Trying to explain the beauty of a VHS to a kid with a Netflix account at the age of 2 can be a tricky task. Facebook and Snapchat rule the world today.

Time has taken its toll on music also. Nirvana’s high octane music is hardly heard over the airwaves. Radio as it is, is hardly ever tuned to. And airwaves back in ‘90s packed triple the punch it does today. The Spice Girls had more class than this. Hell, give me Barbie Girl any day.

Cartoons were totally awesome back then. Dragon ball Z, swat cats, Pokémon, and cartoon network in general has been replaced by totally pointless cartoons like Chota Bheem, Roll No. 21 etc. These new cartoons are retarded and hardly prove to be entertainment.  Animated heroes dominated Saturday morning television back then: X-Men, Spider-Man, and Batman: The Animated Series etc. You won’t find any of that today.

Then there are the toys. Ah! The glorious pastimes we had back then. Here are a few things most of us miss the most from the nineties.



The Super Nintendo Entertainment System. There are no lags. There are no glitches. If your Super Nintendo game was messing around, the solution was simple – take out the cartridge and give it an almighty blow. Such brilliance. Such simplicity. Much wow, eh? Then comes the beauty of 16 bit gaming– with gems like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who could ask for more? Fighting games were particularly badass: everything from Mortal Combat and Street Fighter II to Battletoads! And if you had a Sega Megadrive, Sonic was probably your life! That blue hedgehog running through lands collecting rings. What have they made of him now? A blue hedgehog-man on steroids with ridiculously long legs!! Blasphemy, that is.




Remember the unending board games that we all loved so much? Ludo, Snakes and Ladders Monopoly, Scrabbles and the list goes on. These were amazing and genius ways to pass time with friends and family. People actually talked and had a lot of fun while playing. You don’t get what you get today- somber faces buried in their smartphones playing snakes and ladders (rare as it is) with random entities on the internet. These games actually meant something back then. A time when family got together and at times new friends were made. Today we breed unsocial introverts who would rather text than talk, or play games on their phones rather than facing the wide, world outside.




Golden days were those when we could boast about the quantity and quality of Pokémon cards. Collections as vast as libraries were often exchanged for legendary Pokémons and the sheer joy of owning these cards cannot be explained to somebody who never owned these little beauties made from plastic. The unmatched thrill of opening a new pack of Pokémon cards was epic on many level. Would you get a dummy card? A rare one? Or that first edition holographic Charizard everyone wanted? The majority of us didn’t actually know how to use the cards for the card game it was intended for. All we knew was that kid with the official Pokémon seal and an almost-complete glowing collection was a god amongst men.




The first music of our childhood? Remember that crazy, annoying (it used to be annoying then) sound that you got the moment you asked the computer to connect to the World Wide Web?  Remember the innocent pleasure we got after a connection was established?  Sure, the speed made you want to kill yourself and it is in no way acceptable today but the technology like dial-up did leave us awestruck back then. Of course, many people will not miss slow Internet in the slightest, but the reason dial up makes it into this list of 90s nostalgia is the fact our lives weren’t ruled by the Web.




There are hundreds of other stuff we are missing in an age of advanced technologies. Old technologies like floppy drive, cassettes, Sony Walkman player, Talkboy, etc. will forever be in our mind. Take the humble floppy drive for example—back in those days, we actually had excuses to tell our teachers about why we failed to submit the PowerPoint presentation. The reason being floppy drives failed easily. Information stored on it was much volatile than that in pen drives or cloud.

And kids today, will never understand the connection between a pen and a cassette. Neither will they be ever have nightmares about the magnetic tape coming loose from compact cassettes.


Of course there will be those who are just glad that they did not have to deal with the messy times where information was volatile, but then again, the best generation ever, who witnessed the change of a millennia and saw new technologies being born will miss those old times and gold days.